Rumour: Scalebound has been cancelled (Update: Confirmed)

January 10, 2017

Microsoft has shown that they’re not afraid to cancel announced games this generation, with multiple games including Fable Legends from Lionhead studios being sent to the scrapheap after lengthy and well-publiscised development periods. Scalebound from Platinum Games, the much-hyped Xbox One exclusive that has you fighting in a fantasy world with the help of your dragon buddy, looks to be the latest title that has been culled.

After a recent Xbox Wire news post didn’t include Scalebound in the list of games coming in 2017, both Scalebound’s official website and page on the xbox website have been removed.

This has been confirmed by sources who contacted Kotaku directly, indicating that an official cancellation could be confirmed as early as today by Microsoft.

We’ll keep you updated on any further news or confirmation as it becomes available and hopefully no jobs are lost at Platinum Games if the rumours are true.

Update: Microsoft has released the below statement officially confirming the cancellation of Scalebound.

After careful deliberation, Microsoft Studios has come to the decision to end production for “Scalebound.” We’re working hard to deliver an amazing lineup of games to our fans this year, including “Halo Wars 2,” “Crackdown 3,” “State of Decay 2,” “Sea of Thieves” and other great experiences.