Rumour: Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Coming In Early 2021

September 27, 2020

As a massive fan of the Mass Effect Trilogy, I’ve been desperately awaiting a return to the franchise. While Mass Effect: Andromeda was a disappointing experience, the sudden death of the franchise felt like a massive overreaction. Now, after years of nothing, rumours have continued mounting that the original trilogy will return in the form of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

The latest rumour to be added to the pile comes from Jeff Grubb of Venture Beat, who has been on the forefront of many rumours this years. He indicates that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was originally slated for a reveal and a release in the next month or so, but EA has now pushed that timeline back to early 2021. The reason behind this is so that the first Mass Effect, unarguably the roughest game of the original trilogy, can be updated to bring it more in line with the quality of the rest of the package. Whether this means gameplay or visual tweaks is unclear, but either way, we can expect enhancement across the entire package.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is currently only rumoured and not an official product, but keep your eyes on Rocket Chainsaw in the future for any official news as it becomes available.