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Rumour: Fortnite on Switch and More Leaked

Normally we don’t put much faith in 4chan leaks, but when both Kotaku and Destructoid report separate verifications confirming their belief in one being true we begin to take notice. Keep in mind that the following could still turn out to be utterly false, but major outlets reporting confirmations based on sources and embargoed E3 appointments lends some credence a rumour would normally had. Especially when they might be confirming Fortnite on Switch.

An anonymous 4chan user has posted an image, seemingly obtained from an acquaintance working on E3 showroom displays, confirming a number of unannounced ports and games for the Nintendo Switch that will be playable at E3. The biggest of these is Fortnite, the ultra-massive game from Epic that has taken the world by storm in recent times. The leak doesn’t confirm what form Fortnite on Switch will be taking – Either the whole package including both Battle Royale and Save the World modes or if it will just be Battle Royale, similar to the mobile port.

Dragonball FighterZ is also shown, with a Switch port likely to leave plenty of people happy after Bandai Namco’s cagey responses to fan requests leaving them waiting to see if a port would ever happen. The post also shows a port of Paladins, the free to play shooter from SMITE developers Hi-Rez, showing that the Switch might be getting some more free to play games in the future.

For new game announcements we have FIFA 19 from EA, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, Overcooked 2, a sequel to the incredibly frustrating and fun co-op cooking game that has sold almost one million copies on Switch and Killer Queen Black.


Again, these are all rumours, but with E3 just over a week away, we should have confirmation soon enough on this rumour’s validity. If you’re hoping to watch Nintendo’s E3 Direct live in case these games are shown their, have a look at David’s E3 conference time guide to see when you need to miss out on sleep.

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