Rumour: Best Buy Leaks Nintendo Switch Price

January 11, 2017

We’re not normally massive fans of rumours that show up on Reddit, but it’s not often that you find one that has been verified by the moderators of r/NintendoSwitch that potentially leaks the final price of the Nintendo Switch. The post states that the moderators of r/NintendoSwitch have received evidence that a Nintendo Switch SKU (5670100) has been added to the Best Buy systems at a final price of $249.99 USD.

There’s always a chance that this price is also a placeholder and not the actual final cost of the Nintendo Switch, but it’s the most concrete thing we have seen so far and seems in line with most people’s speculative cost of $249.99-$299.99 USD. This would mean that the Nintendo Switch would launch at the same price that the Nintendo 3DS did way back in March of 2011.

If this really is the final cost of the Nintendo Switch, it would point towards a price of $349.95 in Australia, assuming that Nintendo keep with the same currency conversions they have used in the past. Either way, we should know a final price when Nintendo reveals all during the Nintendo Switch Presentation at 3PM AEDT on Friday January 13.