Rocket Chainsaw’s Xbox Series X Unboxing

October 29, 2020

It’s kind of crazy to think that we’re less than two weeks away from the start of a new console generation. It’s been a bumpier ride this time around, with a global pandemic derailing even the beat laid of plans, and while everything (from release date to games) took longer to be announced than normal the finish line is in sight. While we can’t talk about much just yet, our friends over at Microsoft sent us an Xbox Series X a little bit early so that we can show off just what it looks like in an unboxing. If you prefer a video, scroll down to the bottom of this page for our Xbox Series X unboxing video, otherwise read on for our written commentary.

The first thing I noticed about the Xbox Series X box was just how small it is, especially compared to the PS5 boxes we’ve recently seen. Despite being multitudes more power than any console we’ve seen before, the retail box hasn’t shifted much in size or shape from the Xbox One box before it. Spinning the box around, we’ve got a rundown of the consoles main features (up to 4k120fps or 8k output, HDR, SSD and more) and the contents of the box (console, controller, cables). On the back we have a nice big image of the one and only Master Chief, which is interesting considering that Halo Infinite has been delayed to 2021. Still, better to delay a game and get it right, then push it out early and suffer a lacklustre launch.

Upon removing the seal stickers and opening the box itself, you’re greeted by the current Xbox slogan, ‘Power Your Dreams’. Opening the ‘boring’ compartment at the rear of the inner section of the box you have your HDMI and power cable, but most important is the new Xbox wireless controller. As you can see in the photos below, it’s slightly smaller than the Xbox One controller, which is great for someone with small hands like myself. The analogue sticks have a suitable twang and snapback to them, while the dpad is gloriously clicky. The triggers and bumpers now have textured plastic on them, while the handles of the controller itself have the same textured matte plastic on them. Unlike the Xbox One Elite Controller there’s no soft powder feeling to the grips, just slightly textured plastic.

Moving on to the console itself, get ready to put your back into it, because this thing is heavy. Given how relatively small it is, it’s wild to feel just how heavy the thing is, which points to how densely filled it is internally. The green paint on the inside of the top vent is a nice touch, although I would have loved some LEDs there. The rear of the unit houses all the connectors you’ll potentially need, with power, HDMI, LAN, USB and expansion card ports all there. The thing to note here is that there’s no optical out port for digital audio, so if your headset makes use of that port for wireless audio you’re going to need an adaptor. Putting it down on the table vertically the console feels super solid, with a rubberised coating on the stand that combines with the console’s weight to make it harder to move.

And that’s it for our Xbox Series X unboxing. Check out the video version of our Xbox Series X unboxing below if you’d like to see some of these pictures in motion. Thanks again to our friends at Microsoft for providing this console to us and stay tuned for more Xbox Series X content in the future.