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Rico’s Rival Revealed in New Just Cause 4 Trailer

SQUARE ENIX today revealed a brand new trailer for the explosive upcoming game Just Cause 4. The new trailer introduces Rico’s rival Gabriela Morales, Rico’s fiercest enemy yet and leader of the Black Hand. Gabriela Morales has no fear and believes Rico is just like her.

Recently the Just Cause 4 map was revealed via an interactive website. The map size is larger than Just Cause 3 and developers have described it as being more ‘vertical’ meaning your grappling hook will get plenty of use as you climb rock walls and traverse deep ravines. Check out the Just Cause 4 map here.

Watch the official Rico’s Rival Just Cause 4 trailer below:


Rico Rodriguez faces his toughest opponent yet in JUST CAUSE 4, the ruthless leader of the Black Hand Organisation, Gabriella Morales. The Black Hand is the most powerful opposition Rico has ever faced. They are the largest, most well equipped and highly funded force on the planet, and Solis is their centre of operations. Solis is where the Black Hand train their specialist troops, where they have developed and amassed cutting edge, experimental weaponry… This is their home turf… and this is where they are at their strongest.

Rocket Chainsaw has been closely following Just Cause 4’s development since the game was officially announced at E3 2018, being detailed at length during the Square Enix Press Conference, and we have already revealed via a leak on Steam that there will be upcoming expansions named Daredevils, Demons & Danger. Also check out this amazing Just Cause 4 Tornado Gameplay trailer.

Just Cause 4 is scheduled to launch on December 4 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC platforms.

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