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Rhythm Paradise Megamix Launching in Australia & NZ October 22nd

Back at E3 this year, quite a few 3DS owners were excited when Rhythm Heaven Megamix was revealed to be “out now” on Nintendo’s Treehouse Livestream. However, excitement quickly turned to disappointment when it was revealed this only applied to North America, while us down under along with our European counterparts would have to wait until at least October to pick up this quirky rhythm game.

Today, Nintendo has finally announced the exact date for the game’s Australian and New Zealand release. Re-branded as Rhythm Paradise Megamix for PAL regions, players will be able to get their hands on the game on October 22nd.

In this case,”get their hands on” is quite literally true, as while North America was only treated to a digital release, Australia will be also be seeing a physical release in stores.

For those unfamiliar with the Rhythm Paradise series, they feature a set of obscure mini games (very similar to that of the WarioWare series) that involve completing a variety of tasks ranging from interviewing pro wrestlers, filling robots up with fuel to make them work or even plucking the chin hairs off of an onion, all to the beat of a very catch tune. It’s as weird as it sounds, but definitely a ton of fun and this 3DS entry looks to perhaps be one of the best in the series, taking some of the best mini-games from the past entries in the franchise, including the Japanese only GBA release, Rhythm Tengoku, and adding in a handful of brand new mini games to boot.

I know the franchise has quite a number of fans in the Rocket Chainsaw staff (and for good reason), so don’t be to surprised if you start to hear a bit more on this title around it’s launch later this year.

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