Posted July 6, 2016 by Andrew Cathie in Feature

Red Dead Redemption Coming to Xbox One BC

Rockstar Games have finally confirmed what has been one of the worst kept secrets of recent times, Red Dead Redemption is becoming Backwards Compatible on Xbox One!

News that Red Dead Redemption was potentially coming to Xbox One began to break after people found someone that was testing an early build of the backwards compatible version of the game. Gamers around the world used a workaround to gain access themselves, before Microsoft quickly brought a stop to that.

From Friday July 8th, there won’t be any need for a work around, because you will be able to officially load or download Red Dead Redemption onto your Xbox One! Don’t fret if you don’t already own the game, as it’s currently on sale digitally for $12.48 if you have Xbox Live Gold (or $17.48 if you don’t) directly from the Xbox Live Store.

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