Rebuild and Reclaim America in Fallout 76

May 31, 2018

Bethesda Softworks has overnight revealed the next Fallout game, interestingly titled Fallout 76. In what looks to be the “New Vegas of this generation”, Fallout 76 is unlikely to be a mainline sequel for the franchise, and instead a new story using the same engine and similar assets to what we saw in Fallout 4 which launched in November 2015.

In the 90 second trailer, we see a typical Fallout vault setting, with a protagonist in a Vault 76 jumpsuit. The vault looks quite large and friendly, featuring a mini football pitch among festivities celebrating “Reclamation Day”.

Watch the official Fallout 76 teaser trailer below:



If you’re wondering what “reclamation day” is all about, there’s a poster that pops up on the screen briefly that mentions “Vault-Tec Salutes America!” with the dates 1776 to 2076. 1776 was of course the year the United States organised their declaration of independence from Great Britain on July 4.

Fallout 76 1776

This probably means we will be confronted with some cheesy speeches about Americans reclaiming their great country from the mutants and whatnot that are found outside the vault, participating in a new American Revolutionary War. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too political.

Nothing more is known about Fallout 76, but we can expect to learn a bit more about it at E3 2018 which is just around the corner. Will this be the first Fallout game that makes its way to the Nintendo Switch? Stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw for all the latest info on Fallout 76.

Rocket Chainsaw reviewed Fallout 4 at launch in 2015, giving it 4 stars and stating “It’s without hyperbole that we can describe Fallout 4 as one of, if not the most, hyped games of the year.” We expect Fallout 76 to follow suit.

For more on Fallout, head to the official website here.