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Get ready to slam in VR with NBA 2KVR Experience

More and more big franchises are experimenting with virtual reality side-projects, from Tomb Raider and Star Wars: Battlefront to the imminent Final Fantasy XV. Today, 2K announced they’re joining the VR club with NBA 2KVR Experience – a budget priced mini-game collection for the PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Samsung GearĀ  VR. And the best thing? It’s out today.

NBA 2KVR Experience features NBA All-Star Paul George, who players can step into the court with at the Indiana Pacers’ stadium, Bankers Life Fieldhouse. A range of mini-games are featured including three-point shootout, a speed and accuracy skills challenge and the buzzer beater countdown. Some good old sponsorship has made its way into the game as well in the form of Gatorade(TM) boosts, which can be earned to help players with their shooting acumen, speed, recovery and more.

Paul George, who is also the cover star of NBA 2K17, certainly seems psyched about the game.

“As a lifelong fan of NBA 2K, it’s exciting to see them take the leap into VR, and even more exciting that it’ll he on my home court. I can’t wait for fans to dominate on the virtual court with virtual help from Gatorade.”

Basketball shootouts definitely seem like a good fit for the current limitations of VR, and might even be a good way to be a little more active than many VR experiences. Whether through exercise or a strange craving for Gatorade, fans will definitely be thirsty one way or the other.

NBA 2KVR Experience is out 22 November for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR for AU $22.95.


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