Razer’s Gigantus V2 Mousepads are exactly what their name implies

August 3, 2020

Razer has released a new line of their Gigantus mousepads, fittingly called the Gigantus V2. These are mousepads that aren’t just big – they’re gigantic. Starting at 36cm x 27.5cm in its ‘Medium’ size, the line goes all the way up to a desk-covering 120cm x 55cm 3XXL size. Razer claims the line are ‘woven for speed, crafted for control’, placing them squarely as good all-rounders between the fastest and more grippy mousepads out there, and in our experience that’s pretty much the deal here.

We got the chance to have a play around with the Razer Gigantus V2 ‘Large’ size, which measures at 45cm x 40cm, and actually only costs a reasonable $28.90. While the larger sizes do ramp up in terms of the expense, the Large size provides a pretty affordable product that still definitely qualifies as a massive mousepad. The amount of travel you can get on this is pretty ridiculous, meaning that as long as you have the desk space, you don’t necessarily have to have your mouse at a higher DPI setting – you just have that much more space available to use anyway.

It’s also surprisingly thick too, about 3mm tall (4mm if you go for one of the XXL sizes), which is largely made up of its rubber foam base, which is pressed into a cool hexagonal-grid pattern on the bottom, in Razer’s neon green colour. It’s pretty firm, and very grippy to the surface of your desk. It’s actually a lot sturdier and higher-quality than a lot of other comically-huge mouse pads I’ve tried over the years.

The surface of the mousepad is nice and uniform, with only a raised tag on the very edge with the Razer logo. It’s made out of a pure black ‘textured micro-weave’, that’s easy to glide alone with your mouse (in my case, a Razer Deathadder Elite), but also provides a little bit of grip that makes it easy to stop. It’s right in the middle of the fastest mouse-pads I’ve used and the grippiest, which means it does have quite a good all-rounder market. One thing to watch out for are the edges of the Gigantus V2, which just kind of stop with no extra weave. It feels like the top layer of the mouse pad could potentially peel away with heavy use, although that wasn’t my experience when using it this week.

The Gigantus V2 mousepads certainly provide pretty good value for money in terms of size and quality, although whether it’s worth spending close to $100 on the 3XXL size is a choice only you can make, given a lot of the damn thing will likely be covered by your monitor and other peripherals. I’ve foregone giving a scored review since I’ve only been able to try out one size in the range, but for what it’s worth the Large size definitely provides bang for buck and genuinely feels like a great solution for most gaming folk out there, with solid materials and performance. Did I mention also it’s bloody huge?

We reviewed a Razer Gigantus V2 Large size provided by Razer.