Razer Mamba showcased at E3 2015

June 30, 2015

E3 is not only about the games, but the tech showcased each year, whether it’s new VR headsets and Hololens glasses, or just some new sleek kit for your PC (which, let’s face it, is what 90% of gamers will really want). Enter the Razer Mamba, shown at E3 with its new unique feature – customisable click force.

This ‘Click Force Technology’ is actually pretty important for PC gamers, in that it’s an adjustable click mechanism on both left and right mouse buttons. Essentially, it changes the force needed to activate each button – which can make a big difference depending on whether you’d like to control your clicks carefully, or need to tap away in some quicktime-event laden blockbuster.

The mouse also features the ‘world’s most precise’ sensor, at 16,000 DPI, adjustable in 1DPI increments (a fairly precise adjustment, given most gaming mice allow increments several times that). The mouse can be used both wired and wirelessly, with a response rate of 1ms. Like some other wireless mice, you can also charge the mouse’s wireless battery while it’s being used with the wire. Finally, it has chroma lighting, allowing you to customise the colour along the contours of the mouse with several million combinations.
Hopefully we’ll see more news on the Razer Mamba, such as a release date, in the near future.