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Rayman and Just Dance Come To Uno

Ubisoft Australia has announced that Rayman and Just Dance themed content packs is now available for Uno on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and will come later to PC. Each content pack contains a themed set of cards as well as a brand new play area based on the IP.

In the Just Dance pack, you will get to experience a brand new play area filled with upbeat pulsating rhythms and the new Just Dance-themed cards affect all players, instead of just the one directly after yourself. You’ll be able to find new ways to strategise using the new cards and will be able to truly disrupt everyone’s flow.

In the Rayman pack, four brand new Rayman-themed cards are introduced for you to use against your opponents, allowing you to hide hide the number of cards in your hand and obscure your lead, swat cards back at your opponents after they play them and even mix up everyone’s hands if you’re feeling particularly daring. The new play area is also filled with Rayman-styled music to get you feeling whimsical as you play.

Both the Just Dance and Rayman packs are available now for Playstation 4 and Xbox One on their respective digital stores, with the PC DLC coming at a later date.


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