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Rare Replay will fix Battletoads Multiplayer

When Microsoft announced Rare Replay at E3, they revealed the title would not just be a standard collection on a disc. Rare Replay will feature interviews, cheats and a rewind feature for selected games. Speaking at Rare’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, Studio Head, Craig Duncan, revealed the collection would also fix Battletoads’ notorious multiplayer glitch.

“We’re aware of the bug,” said Craig Duncan. “It’s part of Battletoads legend. We have a way of fixing it, so it is something that’s on our final bug list.”

The glitch occurs when two players reach the game’s eleventh level, Clinger Winder. Player-two’s character would be unable to move on the screen, so they would have to sacrifice themselves to let player-one continue.

Craig Duncan mentioned the development team debated if the glitch should be fixed or not due to wanting to maintain the authenticity of each game in the collection. Due to Battletoads’ already renowned difficulty, it was decided the glitch would be fixed.

Rare Replay is scheduled to be released worldwide in August this year. For more information, you can check out our preview here.

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