Qantas Store Now Stocking PlayStation VR

November 20, 2016

Qantas Store today made available to purchase the PlayStation VR headset, as well as a variety of VR related items, using Qantas frequent flyer points, or a combination of points and money. The headset is available for 91,320 points, or you can choose to use a certain amount of points between 36,528 and 91,320. If you only redeem 36,528 points you’ll be looking at spending an additional $421.90 to complete the transaction.

Using the slide bar, you can purchase the Qantas Store PlayStation VR for $100 if you redeem around 78,000 points, or $250 if you redeem around 59,000 points.

PlayStation VR currently retails for $549.95RRP.

Other new available products on the Qantas Store include a PS4 Slim 1TB Console with 3 VR games, a camera and the VR headset for 229,330 points, and three games ranging from 9,940 – 15,260 points.

Click Here to visit the official Qantas Store PlayStation VR website.

Qantas PlayStation VR

The e-mail sent out this morning gave a brief description of the PlayStation VR, including stock availability:

[toggle_box title=”Qantas Store PlayStation VR Description:” width=”Width of toggle box”]It’s what every gamer has been waiting for. Step beyond the screen and right into the game with the PlayStation VR Headset*. You’ll experience games in an entirely new way and not only be at the centre of the action, but also live every detail of extraordinary new worlds.

Just in time for Christmas, it’s the perfect gift for your favourite gamer. Hurry, strictly limited stock.[/toggle_box]

This is a great incentive for players that may have been finding it tough to come to terms with spending $550 on the headset. The Qantas Store PlayStation VR now presents a way to redeem your points that you’ve been saving for that Christmas shop, and begin your journey into the world of virtual reality.