Posted September 25, 2019 by Joseph Rositano in Feature

PS Plus October 2019 freebies announced

PlayStation has announced the PS Plus freebies for October 2019 will be The Last of Us Remastered and MLB The Show 19. Both games will be available to download from 1st October to 4th November.

The Last of Us Remastered needs almost no introduction. It features both The Last of Us and its DLC The Last of Us: Left Behind which were originally released on the PS3. The game takes place 20 years after an outbreak infects mankind and turns them into violent, scary creatures. The main protagonist, Joel, is hired to smuggle a 14 year old girl named Ellie out of a military quarantine zone, but what starts as a small job quickly becomes a journey.

MLB The Show 19 is a baseball video game based on the Major League Baseball competition. The game lets you relive some of history’s greater MLB moments in Moments mode and also lets you speed-up a full season with March to October, where you play only the biggest and most exciting games. You can also create your own character or simply play as real life MLB legends.


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