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PS Plus Freebies September 2015 revealed

The official PlayStation Blog has revealed the September freebies for PS Plus subscribers.

There are a lot of indie games across all three consoles. The PS4 features the charming platformer Grow Home, which was selected to be one of September’s freebies via a poll on the PlayStation Store. In the game players control a small robot named B.U.D. (Botanical Utility Droid) who has to grow a Star Plant to oxygenate its world. Both PS4 and PS Vita owners can also download the shoot-em-up Super Time Force Ultra, while PS3 owners can go crazy with some car-based combat in Twisted Metal.

All games will be available to download from the 1st September. A full list of freebies can be found below:


  • Grow Home
  • Super Time Force Ultra
  • Teslagrad
  • Xeodrifter


  • Twisted Metal
  • ┬áTeslagrad

PS Vita:

  • La-Mulana EX
  • Xeodrifter
  • Super Time Force Ultra


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