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PS Plus April 2016 freebies announced

Sony has announced the PS Plus freebies for April 2016.

In April Ubisoft takes centre stage with Zombi on PS4. A port of the Wii U’s ZombiU, the game is a first person survival horror set in London. Players must endure a zombie apocalypse and discover a cure for the infected. If players die then their character is permanently dead and they will be forced to start over. However, if you encounter your previous character – now zombified – you will be able to regain all the equipment you lost.

PS3 owners are treated to another Ubisoft game; I Am Alive. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, players must navigate hazardous environments including decaying buildings and rotting sewers. You will encounter hostile survivors who you can stealth kill, intimidate, or attack in a straight out firefight.

A full list of titles can be found below:


  • Dead Star
  • Zombi


  • I Am Alive
  • Savage Moon

PS Vita:

  • A Virus Named Tom
  • Shutshimi


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