Project Triangle Strategy Announced For Nintendo Switch

February 18, 2021

A couple of my loves in gaming are fantastic 2D visuals and RPGs. They met in a glorious new way with Octopath Traveller, with the game’s HD-2D style and engaging mechanics coming together in a great game. Now, the team behind Octopath Traveller are back again with a tactical RPG currently titled Project Triangle Strategy. 

Announced during today’s Nintendo Direct, Project Triangle Strategy looks to be another love-letter to the old-school history of a genre, similar to Octopath Traveller, with the game look very similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. There is a grid based movement system, positional modifiers (such as elevation bonuses and backstabs) and more. Attacks look to have combinations, such as using ice magic on fire to create water terrain and then using lightning magic to deal massive damage to enemies. There’s also follow up attacks that can be triggered, such as by having two characters flank an enemy or knocking an enemy back into the path of another character.

There also looks to be a large focus on choice and consequence, with the trailer promising that your choices would affect the progression of the story and certain outcomes. One such choice shown was whether or not to surrender the Prince of a region or fight to keep him safe. There’s also a demo available for the game right now, with a survey for feedback coming later, similar to Octopath Traveller.

Project Triangle Strategy will release for Nintendo Switch in 2022. In the meantime, check the trailer out below or the official website.