Preview: The Sims 3 Supernatural

September 6, 2012

This preview was submitted by Tina Luong, Rocket Chainsaw community member.

In a haunted hotel located in the heart of Sydney’s the Rocks, EA hosted The Sims 3 Supernatural Launch Party earlier this week. The supernatural theme is ‘in’ right now, so it’s only fitting that The Sims environment gets a supernatural shake-up. Ever wonder how a vampire makes ends meet, or how a werewolf juggles their family life with work? This is the game for you!

The expansion introduces a new town named “Moonlight Falls”, several new supernatural themed Sims, extra Sims facial feature sliders, new objects, new skills, new traits, new jobs, and the ability to create elixirs using Alchemy.  Sims fans will enjoy the added dimension these new features bring to the Sims 3 social system.   The new Sims types available are Werewolves, Fairies, Witches, and Zombies in addition to Vampires which were introduced in The Sims 3: Late Night expansion.   The new expansion does a good job at keeping true to popular mythic lore, and the choice you make for your new sim will affect your Sims character traits, abilities, what new challenges they encounter.

In a brief play-though at the event, I was put in control of a female Fairy and a male Ghost who were in a romantic relationship.  My ghost was hurling an array of insults at the Fairy, who didn’t take it too well and was losing interest towards the Ghost quickly. So to smooth things over, I had my Fairy set a trap in the shower and then sent my Ghost to have a shower.   Who would have thought you couldn’t kill a ghost?

Coming back to The Sims for the first time since the original, I found the game extremely easy to get into. If you, like me, are looking to purchase The Sims 3 for the first time, then there’s no doubt this expansion is a must have. The Sims 3 Supernatural is in stores now.