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Pokemon Sun/Moon Official Midnight Launch To Be Held at Federation Square

Nintendo Australia has partnered with EB Games to host, what they claim to be “Australia’s BIGGEST launch for a game ever”, with the official midnight launch for the highly anticipated Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games set to take place at Federation Square in Melbourne.

The launch party will take place the evening of Thursday, November 17th, with the game officially launching at 00:00AM on November 18th. Pokemon fans who have pre-ordered either game at EB Games on Swanston st in Melbourne, will be able to pick their copies from the party at Federation Square. Those who have  yet to pre-order or who have pre-ordered at a different EB games need not fret, as you are still able to place pre-orders on either version of the game, as well as swap your order from any other EB Games in Australia, to the Swanston st store by either going in or calling the store and speaking to the staff member there.

One event that has been announced to take place at the launch will be a cosplay competition, which is sure to be fun both for those who love to create amazing looking cosplays, but also for attendees getting to see some of their favourite Pokemon characters brought to life through the art of cosplay.

It isn’t clear what other activities will be at the launch event, but it is sure to be a great time for any Pokemon fan. Keep an eye on EB Games Swanston St’s Official Facebook page for more information on the festivities as they are announced.

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