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Pokemon Sun/Moon: New Pokemon, Features and Ultra Beasts Revealed

Holding true to their world, Nintendo have released a brand new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon overnight which has revealed a whole swathe of new content for the games.



First, we have 3 new Pokemon that have been revealed. Type:NULL is a normal type Pokemon that has the Battle Armour ability, while Jangmo-o is a new dragon type who has Bulletproof or soundproof. A third line of Alolan forms has been completed as well, with Alolan Raticate being confirmed and shown. It will be a dark and normal type, just like Alolan Rattata before it, and will come with Gluttony or Hustle.

It wasn’t just new Pokemon that were shown, with the Aether Foundation being revealed as well. Team Aether seem to be a group dedicated to making the world better for Pokemon, coming into conflict with Team Skull as a result of their dedication.



There will also be a number of differences between Sun and Moon which goes beyond what we have seen before. First of all, there is also 12 hour gap permanently present between the two games. So, if it’s 3pm in Pokemon Sun it will be 3am in Pokemon Moon. Certain events in game will change as well, with a totem Pokemon being a Gumshoos in Sun and an Alolan Raticate in Moon.



There are also a few new things to do in the games, including searching for Zygarde’s cores and cells, seemingly to eventually build it up to its full form. There is also a new Pokemon Finder mode which is reminiscent of Pokemon Snap. You will be able to take pictures of Pokemon in the wild and share those pictures online.



The trailer ended by introducing a brand new threat to your adventures in Pokemon- Ultra Beasts. The first Ultra Beast is UB-01, but we don’t know if that is its actual name or just a designation before further information is released. Nothing further was confirmed about Ultra Beasts, but I expect we will hear more the next time a trailer comes out.

Pokemon Sun and Moon release on Nintendo 3DS on November 18.


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