Pokemon Sun and Moon Preorder Bonus Announced + More

September 2, 2016

The Pokemon Company International has released a brand new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon overnight to announce their own official ‘early purchase’ bonus for the game, as well as a new Alolan form Pokemon and more information on Z-Moves.

The trailer begins with the announcement that Rattata will be getting it’s own Alolan form. True to some past leaks, Rattata will now be a dark type Pokemon, with the lore suggesting that it evolved this typing after being driven out of its territory by Yungoos.



While we had previously only been shown generic Z-Moves, it’s now been confirmed that certain Pokemon will have their own unique Z-Moves. Alolan Raichu, for example, surfs on its tail to deliver a massive electrical shock and explosion to an enemy.

If you preorder Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon you will be rewarded with a Munchlax for your journey. Once evolved into a Snorlax, you will be able to give it a special z-stone to unlocks its unique Z-Move, Pulverising Pancake.

Check out the trailer below while we wait for Pokemon Sun and Moon to be released for 3DS on November 18.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsTuHGpLJfM[/embedyt]