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Two More Pokemon Revealed for Pokemon Sun/Moon

Between Gamescom in Cologne and the Pokemon World Championships in in San Francisco, The Pokemon Company International has been unleashing new details on new Pocket Monsters left, right and centre, for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games.

We start off with a bang, with the reveal of Turtonator at Gamescom, a Fire/Dragon type Pokemon living in the volcanic regions of Alola. Based on turtles, their shells are made up of explosive materials,  causing sparks to fly from the spikes on their shell whenever something hits them. Turtonator has a signature move only it can learn called “Shell Trap” which acts as a form of counter attack, allowing Turtonator to set a trap at the beginning of the turn and if the opposing Pokemon attacks with a physical move, it will trigger an explosion that will deal “much greater damage” than the opponents’ move and most likely see Turtonator saying “Hasta la vista” (Or probably just “Turtonator”… since it’s a Pokemon).

Junichi Masuda, lead director on of the Pokemon franchise, took the stage at the Pokemon World Championships’ opening ceremony and he decided to bring with him a special surprise that packs a real punch. Crabrawler is is a Fighting type crab Pokemon that hates to lose and is always aiming to be the best (there ever was). Masuda-san felt this Pokemon represented the Pokemon World Championships perfectly, with its competitive drive paralleling the competitors all aiming to be the world’s best Pokemon Trainer and the fact that San Fran is famous for its crabs.

Alongside Crabrawler, we also saw the first footage and details on three Pokemon initially revealed in CoroCoro magazine a few weeks ago.

Stufful is the pre-evolution of Bewear. This cute little red panda-like Pokemon takes the appearance of a stuffed toy, which makes it very popular in the Alola region. However you shouldn’t underestimate it based on its appearance as much like its evolved form, it is said to be incredibly strong.

Then we have a pair of Ghost/Ground type Pokemon, Sandygast and its evolution Palossand. Sandygast is a mound of sand, that is said to have formed from the grudges of Pokemon and trainers that have lost in battle, soaking in to the sand. Sandygast can take control of anyone that touches the shovel on its head, and will then use those it possesses to collect more sand for it to grow. Its tunnel-like mouth is said to be able to suck the vitality out of both people and Pokemon, make it quite the creepy Pokemon. However its evolution Palossand is perhaps a little more frightening, as unlike Sandygast, Palossand can restore the sand that makes up its body on its own. So instead, it will use those it possesses to build more sand castles around it, providing it with camouflage and improving its defenses. Both Pokemon know a brand new ability “Water Compaction” which will cause their defense stat to increase by two every time they are hit by a water type attack.

To see all the new Pokemon in action, you can check out the trailers below

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