Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Z-Moves and Ultra Beasts Revealed in new trailer

November 15, 2016

The Official Pokemon Channel on Youtube today released a three minute trailer revealing the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon starter Z-Moves, as well as Ultra Beasts. The new trailer shows Decidueye’s Sinister ‘Arrow Raid’, Incineroar’s ‘Malicious Moonsault’ and Primarina’s ‘Oceanic Operetta’, and then a quick run-through of some Ultra Beasts attacking, including UB-03 Lighting and UB-05 Glutton.

There will also be new region-specific styles of Pokemon which will have unique features depending on where in the worlds of Pokemon Sun and Moon you caught them from. Check out the trailer below:


The Pokemon Sun and Moon starter Z-Moves are just the beginning in the new games, and as you progress through the games you’ll discover more powerful Z-Moves. Z-Moves are a new ability in Pokemon Sun and Moon which will only be usable once in each battle. As usual, it will be up to the player to figure out the best time to use it, and against which Pokemon to achieve super effective damage. Ultra beasts have been described as strong creatures possessing mighty powers that pose a significant threat to other Pokemon, as well as humans.

Pokemon Sun and Moon both launch on Friday November 18, 2016 on Nintendo 3DS. Head to the official Pokemon Sun and Moon starter Z-Moves page for more.