Pokemon Presents News Roundup – 17th June 2020

June 18, 2020

The Pokemon Company aired it’s special Pokemon Presents show overnight and has made a number of new announcements. We have collected all the announcements in this handy round-up article along with embedded trailers.

Do you have difficulties getting your kids to brush their teeth? Hell, sometimes it’s a struggle for ourselves during these troubled times. Well, you can now download the Pokemon Smile app. It’s an AR game where you help Pokemon fight tooth decay by brushing your teeth while your face is displayed on-screen. The game rewards players for their efforts by letting them capture the Pokemon. It should make your morning and night routines just that little bit more fun! It’s available to download for free now on the Apple Apps store and Google Play store. The Pokemon Company have also made it clear there are no sneaky in-app purchases.


Pokemon Cafe Mix was announced for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. It’s a “free to start” puzzle game where you must spin around Pokemon icons and match them together. By doing well at the puzzles you will create yummy drinks and treats for Pokemon who visit your cafe. Become close friends with the visiting Pokemon and they will join your cafe’s staff and spread the word so that even more Pokemon will visit you. The game will be available soon, but starting right now can be pre-loaded onto your Nintendo Switch console. You can also register your interest on Google Play and the Apple App stores for mobile devices.


The big announcement from the presentation was New Pokemon Snap is coming exclusively  to Nintendo Switch. Its development has been inspired by the original N64 Pokemon Snap. Players will explore islands while taking photos of Pokemon in their natural environments, uncovering unique behaviours never seen before. You will also fill your own Photodex. It’s currently unknown when the game will be released, but more information will be coming in the future.


Pokemon Go continues to receive content updates. This year’s annual Pokemon Go Fest will be completely digital allowing players to join in around the globe. The Pokemon Victini will be catchable during the event as well. Galarian Farfetch’d has also started appearing in the game, and Mega Evolutions will be coming in a future update.


The first expansion pass for Pokemon Sword/Shield, Isle of Armour, is out now. To celebrate its release there is a new raid battle featuring the legendary Pokemon Zeraora. If one million players successfully complete the challenge they will all receive a shiny Zeraora to add to their collection.


Last but not least, President and CEO of the Pokemon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara confirmed that there will be another major Pokemon announcement next week on 24th June. We’ll report back once the announcement has been made.