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Pokemon GO Plus Launching Next Week in Australia and NZ

Nintendo Australia has announced that the Pokemon GO Plus accessory will officially be launching in Australia and New Zealand on the 16th of September (ie. next Friday).

For those that don’t remember, the Pokemon GO Plus is a device you can either wear around your wrist or clip on to a part of your clothing, that will connect to your phone via bluetooth. It glows and vibrates to indicate if either a Pokemon or Pokestop are nearby, and the player can press the button on the device to attempt to catch the Pokemon or collect items from the Pokestop, without the need to pull out their mobile device.

Nintendo have stated it is compatible with the following devices:


  • Compatible with OS versions: ioS 8-9
  • Compatible with: iPhone 5/5c/5s/6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus


  • Compatible with OS versions: Android 4.4-6.0
  • Compatible with: Android 4.4 or higher that have Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth v4.0 or higher) capability and RAM 2GB or more

The RRP for the Pokemon GO Plus is AU$49.95 and is exclusively available at EB Games and Nintendo AU/NZ’s Official Ebay store.

EB Games have advised pre-orders go live at 12pm AEST Monday the 12th of September, and pre-orders are only available online. They went on to say stock is “Extremely Limited” so passionate Pokemon GO players should make sure they have their fingers over the refresh button come 11.59am Monday morning. However for those that miss out from getting one from EB, they will want to keep an eye on Nintendo AU/NZ’s eBay page 9am on the 16th of September, otherwise you may be forced to buy one for a premium off a scalper on eBay later.

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