Pokemon MOBA, Pokemon Unite Announced

June 24, 2020

Pokemon Unite

When it was announced last week that a second Pokemon Presents show would be occurring today, speculation began to run rampant. Was Gamefreak going to announce Pokemon Let’s Go Johto, would we get the long awaited remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, or would the announcement the something else entirely? There’s no doubt that nobody would’ve picked what would be shown, with The Pokemon Company revealing a new Pokemon MOBA being developed in conjunction with Tencent, Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite shares the DNA of many other MOBAs out there, pitting teams of 5 players against each other with Pokemon serving as the heroes. You’ll begin at level 1, gain experience as your defeat your opponents, eventually levelling up and gaining new moves as you go. The aim of the game is to capture wild Pokemon on the map, before delivering them to a target area, scoring a point for your team, with the team that scores the most points winning the match. There are two lanes leading out from each team’s base area, along with a larger open area in the middle, mirroring the standard layout seen in many other MOBAs.

Pokemon Unite will release for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices as a free to start game, and will also support cross-play between both platforms.