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Pokemon GO Tops iOS Top Grossing List in 3 Days

In only 3 days on the market Pokemon GO has skyrocket straight to the top of the iOS Top Grossing list in both Australia and the US. Personally, we don’t think we’ve ever seen a game jump to the top of the Top Grossing list so quickly, and it’s also a far cry above the #76 that Miitomo topped out at.

While many people have shared stories of knowing heaps of people playing (I know of at least 15 people in my office playing), this is a real sign that Pokemon GO really is an absolute smash hit. In fact, it’s success has even taken developer Niantic by surprise, with CEO John Hanke confirming to Business Insider that they have halted further international releases until they are satisfied their servers can handle the increased load.

We’ve got no doubt that the success of Pokemon GO will continue to climb and with the sense of comradeship and inclusion that we have seen so far, we’re excited for the future of Pokemon GO and its community.

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