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Pokemon Go patch released

Over the weekend Pokemon Go received its first major patch since release on both iOS and Android platforms.

The update addresses various concerns fans have had with the app. Firstly, the broken footprint feature, which was supposed to indicate how close you were to a Pokemon, has been removed. Developer Niantic had previously stated they were working on fixing the feature, so it appears the removal may be temporary.

Battle move damage for certain Pokemon has also been tweaked to balance the game. Of particular note is Vaporeon, with users discovering its Water Gun attack damage has been reduced from ten to six. Vaporeon had been one of the game’s more popular Pokemon as it was common to find/evolve from Evee and had good stats for taking over gyms.

iOS users have been reporting Pokemon Go’s battery saving mode had been causing app crashes. This update has removed the option entirely for that platform. Presumable it’s also only temporary.


Pokemon Go Do Not drive


Other changes to Pokemon Go include:

  • Messages warning not to trespass and not drive vehicles while playing now display when you first open the app
  • Some Gym and PokeStop locations have been removed or altered
  • Improved memory issues
  • Users can now re-customise their avatars
  • Various bug fixes for wild Pokemon encounters
  • Updated Pokemon details screen
  • Updated achievement medal images
  • Fixed issues with displaying certain map features
  • Minor text fixes

Image credit: Tom Phillips

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