PlayStation Vue and Morpheus Details E3 2015 – Sony Recap

June 18, 2015

Sony has announced some new details for their PlayStation Vue television service for the US. They have revealed that they will become the first cable service provider to allow customers to purchase subscriptions to individual channels. This will start with Show Time, Fox Soccer Plus and a new channel from Machinima, with more channels to come in the future.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive a discount if they subscribe to the service.

PlayStation’s competitor to the Oculus Rift for a showing at their E3 press conference as well. There’s still no word on the price, or a release date more specific than 2016, but they did confirm that the headset will provide a single watchable video feed to your tv so that friends can watch what you play.

They also showed a first glimpse at Geurilla Game’s new VR game, Rigs. Rigs is a 3v3 competitive shooter in which you control fast paced robots with some big guns.