PS5 Games Showcase Summary – A Bevy Of Announcements

June 12, 2020

Pokemon Go Fanatics

After a false start last week, we’ve now gotten our first glimpse at some of the games that will make up our experience with the PS5. Both first party and third party companies showed up in a big way, showing off new IPs, revivals of long dormant series and sequels to some of our favourites. With a focus on games, there wasn’t much shown in the way of hardware or details given around launch, but there’s always time for that later.

After the weak showing at last months Inside Xbox: Xbox Series X Showcase, there were worries that this morning‘a PS5 games showcase could be similarly lacklustre, but that wasn’t the case. We got a good look at a number of big budget games that look utterly amazing, as well as some incredibly creative indie titles. There’s no doubt here that Sony didn’t want to make the same mistake as Microsoft before them.

Without further ado, here is a summary of the PS5 games that were announced and shown during the show, along with trailers where available:

  • The show opened with a look at a brand-new version of Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 5. Releasing in 2021, the port is an expanded and enhanced version of the once-PlayStation3/Xbox 360 game.

  • Next up, we moved straight into some more massive hitters, with the surprise reveal of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Miles takes over the mantel of the Spider-Man in Holiday 2020.

  • Then we moved on to Polyphony Digital, with the announcement of Gran Turismo 7. The game is looking absolutely phenomenal, as we’ve come to expected from Polyphony and their insane perfectionist attitude. No date was given for Gran Turismo 7, but we got a decent length gameplay demo showing off a couple of laps.

  • Now it’s time for something a bit more colourful, with a new Ratchet & Clank game revealed. Dimension hopping seems to be the name of the game here, with the game titled Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart as Ratchet and Clank get separated across dimensions. There was more gameplay here as well, with a lengthy gameplay demo showing off some of the new mechanics the game sports.

  • Now it’s time for Square Enix and we got our first glimpse at Project Athia, a brand new IP developed by Luminous Productions and designed exclusively for PlayStation 5. Not much was shown, but we did get a glimpse of traversal and combat.

  • Then we had Annapurna Interactive with the cinematic reveal of Stray. This seems to be a game where you play as a cat in a Cyberpunk-ish world, but not enough was shown to know what the game really is. It releases in 2021.

  • Time for some Sony New IP, with the reveal of what Housemarque have called the biggest game in their history, Returnal. The game is a sci-fi third person shooter set on an alien planet and looks far beyond the arcade shooters the studio is known for working on, but you could definitely see the influences from those past games here.

  • Next up was Sumo Digital with the reveal of Sackboy: A Big Adventure, a brand-new game set in the LittleBigPlanet The game looks to be a more traditional 2D/isometric platformer than past games in the series, while the trademark crafted style has come across.

  • How about some car combat? Well, we’ve got you covered, with the reveal of a new IP from Lucid that mixes car and melee combat into what looks like a hectic arena battler named Destruction Allstars.

  • The New IP just keep coming! Ember Labs, a studio with a history in film and animation, were up next to announce their new game Kena: Bridge of Spirits. The game looks to be a mix of third person platforming and character action combat, with a lovely artstyle.

  • Not all PS5 games will be massive worlds, and we finally, we get our first 2D game of the game with the reveal of Goodbye Volcano High. It looks to be a highly personal and emotional look at the life of a teen as they leave high school behind and move into the next stage of their life. The game is scheduled to release in 2021.

  • Lorne Lanning is back to show off a game that he’s been wanting to work on for years. Abe is back, with the first sequel in the Oddworld franchise in what feels like forever. Oddworld Soulstorm wasn’t given a date, but it’s clearly a successor to Abe’s Odyssey..

  • Next up is Shinji Mikami from Tango Gameworks, showing off the gameplay reveal of Ghostwire: Tokyo. The game looks like a stylish and action-heavy supernatural magic combat game completely unlike The Evil Within. This is also coming in 2021.

  • With an interesting grey-scale colour palette and a much bigger looking scope than what they’re known for, Superbrothers announced Jett: The Far Shore. The game seems to focus on exploration of an alien planet and is releasing in Holiday 2020.

  • The first game revealed for the PlayStation 5 is back, with our first extended look at melee fighter While still edited like no tomorrow, the trailer showed off significantly more of the game than its initial reveal back at The Game Awards and it’s definitely looking good. Godfall will be available in Holiday 2020.

  • Annapurna Interactive is back to reveal the next game from Hyperlight Drifter developed HeartMachine. It shares a very similar art style to that game, however it’s completely in 3D and looks to have a much larger scope. Solar Ash will release in 2021.

  • IO Interactive steps up the plate, revealing the next adventure for Agent 47. Initially revealed with an incredibly stylish cinematic trailer before moving into a very short gameplay trailer, Hitman III releases in January 2021.

  • Astrobot is back in a new adventure! Now seemingly divorced from a PlayStation VR headset, Astrobot’s Playroom is a new 3D platform that looks to show off the unique capabilities of the DualSense controller.

  • Now for some more stylised artistic vision, with the reveal of action game Little Devil Inside. There seems to be plenty of environmental variety in the game, as the main character seems to be out hunting a myriad of fantastical creatures.

  • Sports time, with the reveal of NBA 2K21 for PlayStation 5. It was a super short teaser trailer using pre-alpha footage, but the player model looks much more detailed and lifelike than anything we’ve seen from the series yet.

  • Next up we had the next game from the creators of Octodad, which combines bugs and snacks into deliciously edible creatures. The game looks to be a 3D platformer at heart and is called Bugsnax releases in Holiday 2020.

  • Next up we had Shuhei Yoshida introducing a game that is very near and dear to him, the infamous intro he used when revealed Bloodborne back in 2014. This time it isn’t Bloodborne, but instead the long-rumoured remake of Demon’s Souls from Bluepoint Games.

  • Arkane Studios come in next, with the first gameplay for Deathloop, their new IP that was announced at E3 2019. The similarities to Arkane’s Dishonored series are obvious, but the game is a retro-futuristic themed game, with a plenty of psionic powers and a time-loop to boot.

  • The next game opened with a mysterious walk through the woods and flashbacks to an earlier time, with no titlescreen or developer details to tip you off to what it was. It will be instantly recognisable to series’ fans as Resident Evil however, with Resident Evil Village releasing in 2021.

  • Another mysterious game next, with a decidedly sci-fi looking character walking through a seemingly abandoned city before being pulled through a hole in space and landing on the moon. Pragmata is a new IP from Capcom and is scheduled for release in 2022.

  • The show really must keep going though, as we jump straight into the reveal of Horizon Forbidden West. The game looks to expand beyond the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, moving into the depths of the ocean and rivers, and with more creatures (both organic and metal) than ever before.

  • Finally, we ended on a glimpse of the PlayStation 5 console itself. It looks decidedly weird and I absolutely love it.

We got to see plenty of PS5 Games during the show, with no doubt at all that Sony went hard on announcements. Let us know on our social platforms what your favourite PS5 games were!