Posted June 9, 2020 by Andrew Cathie in Feature

PlayStation 5 Games Showcase Re-Announced

It feels like it’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride so far with the PlayStation 5 games showcase. First announced early last week for a Friday showing, the showcase was delayed indefinitely to show respect to the Black Lives Matter movement and stop the event from taking eyes and ears away from better causes. With the week that would have been E3 2020 beginning and other showcases scheduled to happen in the coming weeks (surely with PlayStation 5 games to show), Sony have announced that the previously scheduled PlayStation 5 games showcase will now take place this Friday.

While we still don’t have any confirmation of the games that will be shown, or that the console itself will be revealed, Sid Shuman penned a PlayStation Blog post giving us some details about the form the show will take. We already knew that the games showcase would run for just over an hour, but we now also know that the show will be streamed at 1080p30 due to limitations with recording footage at home. Hopefully we get some 4K trailers uploaded after the show, giving the focus on that resolution as a part of next-generation. Given the PlayStation 5’s focus on its audio-engine, it might come with no surprise that Sid also recommends watching the showcase with headphones if possible. It sounds like there might be some cool audio tricks happening during the show, which will be easier to make out or notice with some good headphones on.

There’s not much longer to go now before we get our first glimpse at the game’s PlayStation have handpicked to constitute the big reveal of the PlayStation 5. If you want some light reading on what I think might get shown off at the show, check out my PS5 Predictions article where I run through some of the games I think have a good chance of showing up. Otherwise, tune in to the official PlayStation Twitch and YouTube channels at 6AM AEST on Friday the 12th for the big reveals.

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