PS4 Reviews


Tim dives into hell to save Super Earth from alien menaces. Will he survive? Probably, but best read the review anyway.

Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round

Tim only plays Dead Or Alive for the solid fighting mechanics. Honest!

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires PS4 Review

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is a strange bird of a game, in that it appears to appeal to a very small subset of a subset of gamers. You’d have to be a fan of musou-style fighting games to be on board for the eighth install...

Dragon Ball XenoVerse PS4 Review

At this point, thirty years into the Dragon Ball franchise’s long history, we’ve had countless Dragon Ball games spun off from the series, most of them variations on the fighter genre, from Budokai to Burst Limit. A...


Tim puts on his best rubber monster suit and runs around the jungle for a bit while being chased by people in the new title from the makers of Left 4 Dead.

Grim Fandango Remastered PS4 Review

As Tim Schafer himself notes in the game’s commentary, Grim Fandango is something that could only have been made at one specific moment in gaming history. With an exceptional team of creatives working together at the tail end o...