PlaySide Studios announces Catch the Ark

July 4, 2012

History is full of one sided stories. What’s that old saying? “History is written by the victor”? The Bible and Qur’an are kinda like that too. It’s all about Moses and his ark, saving those poor animals in pairs from a watery grave. Yeah, well, what about the animals? What about their stories? How did they feel about all this craziness going on around them?

Enter PlaySide Studios, a Melbourne based mobile developer founded by Gerry Sakkas, Mark Goulopoulos and Aaron Pasias, and a number of ex-Visceral Games employees. Their aim is to steer game development away from the money guzzling developer chomping AAA market, while also bringing console quality gameplay to the mobile universe. And they plan to do this with the recently announced Catch the Ark.

Set during the aforementioned floods of biblical proportions, Catch the Ark follows the adventure of three curious critters. Deemed too unusual and without a pair to book a seat aboard Noah’s Ark, the three must do their best to ride out the storm. Literally, on a raft, down torrents of raging flood water.

An arcade game at heart, Catch the Ark will strike chords with endless run gamers (think: Canabalt, Robot Unicorn Attack), challenging players to dodge obstacles, collect coins, battle beasts and bosses, and wrack up series points in an assortment of score attack gameplay modes. And like all good mobile games, Catch the Ark uses social features to allow score comparisons between players, proving who is the best outcast of all. Coupled with numerous unlockable rafts and visual goodies, Catch the Ark aims to keep players hooked through many apocalypses to come.

Catch the Ark is aiming for a release across iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices around the third quarter of this year. Do them a solid and check out the PlaySide Studios official website.