Phil Spencer Reconfirms First Party Xbox Creative Freedom – Including Platform Choice

July 19, 2020

As Xbox Game Studios expanded exponentially over the last couple of years, some people were worried about the creative freedom of those studios. While studios like Double Fine were known for their creative games, Xbox has mostly become known for repeating the same franchises. Now, once again, Phil Spencer has reconfirmed the creative freedom afforded to his party developers, including if they develop a game exclusively for Xbox Series X or branch out to other ecosystems.

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As recently as the last couple of days, Phil Spencer was on record as saying that all first party Xbox Series X games for the next couple of years would also release on Xbox One, but now that doesn’t sound quite as sure. In an interview with German outlet Gamestar, Phil specifically commenced on the creative freedom afforded to his teams. The following quote is what really highlight this:

“If a creator comes to us and says I have this vision for reaching these customers across different platforms and different generations we’re completely supportive of that.”

So, if an Xbox Game Studios first developer wants to create a game for say, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, Phil Spencer and his team are competent supportive of that. It also means there’s the potential for games released by those first party studios to be exclusive to Xbox Series X, despite what Spencer has previously said.

An earlier part of the interview also confirmed that we will see some of that creative freedom later this week during the Xbox Series X Games Showcase, so stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw for more news as it comes.