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Phantom Dust coming to Xbox One and PC tomorrow for FREE

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has announced on Twitter that a Phantom Dust remaster will be releasing on Xbox One and PC tomorrow. Best of all, it will be a FREE download!

The game is being released as a Play Anywhere title, which means you will be able to use the same saves across both platforms. It will also feature improved visuals and framerate, though it’s unconfirmed to what extent the changes will be.

Phantom Dust was released on the Xbox Original in 2004 and is largely considered to be one of the console’s best (but underappreciated) titles. A reboot for the franchise was planned and formally announced in 2014, but was later put on hiatus following the closure of developer Darkside Studios. A remaster was announced last year at E3 2016, with the promise it would support 1080p resolutions on the Xbox One and 4K resolutions on Windows.

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