Posted October 29, 2017 by Adam Ghiggino in Feature

PAX AUS 2017: Play Sea of Thieves on a real old-timey ship!

It’s the last day of PAX, and if you feel like you’ve already done everything on the show floor then you might want to venture outside – to the Polly Woodside, specifically. The historic ship which has been docked next to the MCEC for years upon years has become home to the playable Alpha of Rare’s upcoming¬†Sea of Thieves.

Below deck, the game is playable in teams, or ‘crews’ of 4 players all sharing the same world as you cruise around looking for treasure, fighting skeletons or just generally being piratey bastards to each other. That was certainly the case when I jumped on boar. My crew not only pillaged an island of all its treasure, but upon leaving its plundered husk we were attacked by a rival ship on their way to the same island. Of course, the only reasonable course of action for pirates to do was to respond in-kind, and while they were off exploring the island for treasure we had already dug up, we snuck aboard their ship and stole it too. Of course, we couldn’t keep it for along, as there is a loop hole in-game where if you die at sea you can respawn back onto your own vessel, but it’s those kinds of antics that feel unique to¬†Sea of Thieves.

If you’re at PAX today, check it out at the Polly Woodside, out the front of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre!

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