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PAX AUS 2017: HDR leads the way for Nvidia this year

To many, Nvidia is a name inseparable from PC gaming, with their GeForce line of graphics cards in both desktop and laptop computers giving credence to the PC gamers propensity to call themselves the ‘PC Master Race’. At PAX AUS this year, Nvidia were happy to showcase their latest tech, which includes a new focus on where gaming is heading right now – HDR.

Nvidia’s upcoming G-Sync monitor technology featuring HDR is the most obvious advancement in this area. Already easy on the eyes thanks to G-Sync’s method of matching the refresh rate of the monitor to the frame-rate of the GPU, HDR adds huge amounts of vibrance and preservation of colour details, really noticeable in games like Destiny 2. When paired with a powerful card such as the recently-announced GTX-1070Ti, the difference is incredible when compared to normal monitors. The GTX-1070Ti, also showcased at PAX, slides between the 1070 and 1080 in terms of power and features. With 2432 CUDA cores over the 1070’s 1920 cores, it is a significant leap, although it is still running GDDR5 memory as opposed to the 1080’s GDDR5X. 

Nvidia also featured their Max-Q design series of laptops, which fits the power of their top-of-the-line portable video GTX video cards into the form factor of an ultra-slim portable laptop. Models from manufacturers like Gigabyte are basically indistinguishable in terms of thickness to a regular ultrabook, while some manufacturers like Asus ROG have decided to change things up a bit – their Zephyrus model squishing they keyboard and trackpad all to the bottom half where a regular keyboard would be. It’s a funny design, but it leaves in the unit for cooling and performance.

At Nvidia’s main stage, famous personalities ChampChong, Oasis, Kardplays and Bazza Gazza are playing some good old PUBG on Nvidia technology. You can find out more about Nvidia’s schedule at PAX at their official Facebook page.

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