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Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z preview

Alex Mann gets his hands on Ninja Gaiden's grindhouse entry and what follows is something along the lines of *slice* *slice* *cyborg arm* *blood*.

SteamWorld Dig

Image & Form, the independent developer behind 3DS eshop (and, recently Steam) title, SteamWorld Dig, is plainly an archeologist, an excavator of the past. In crafting its 2D, sprite-based platformer, the developer has draw...


Players with Character: End of an Era at Dungeon Crawl Melbourne

It’s Monday morning, and against all natural laws Melbourne-ites have become accustomed to, it’s a consistently sunny summer day. Lined up on the corner of Elizabeth and Bourke St., 30 or so eager gamers are ignorin...

Battlefield 4: China Rising – Map Analysis

Battlefield 4 China Rising introduces four new maps: Altai Range, Dragon Pass, Guilin Peaks, and Silk Road. How do they hold up to the rest?


Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars – 5 Big Requests

A new Sleeping Dogs is on the way from UFG, and it's called Triad Wars. We're excited, and in this video talk about what we'd like to see.

Battlefield 4: Expanding into China Rising

We’ve been waging war in Battlefield 4 since October, or November for the next-gen console converts among us. The first in a line of expansions, China Rising, has recently debuted, allowing players to expand into new terr...


Win a $50 Dungeon Crawl voucher!

Win a $50 Dungeon Crawl voucher! - Rocket Chainsaw

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

I’ve never played A Link to The Past, the 1991/92 game of which A Link Between Worlds is spiritual successor to. Beyond the more obvious new features and narrative distinctions, I can’t tell you whether the latter lives u...


Battlefield 4 Video Review

Join Anthony and Jarrod on an unforgettable video journey through the sights and sounds of Battlefield 4.

Rocket Chainsaw’s 12 Days of Christmas competition!

We're giving away tons of gaming-related goodies for Christmas. Could you be one of the lucky winners? Read more to see how you can enter!


Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom Review

The Invizimals series makes its debut on the PlayStation 3. Rather than simply capturing the creatures, it seems you'll be directly controlling them this time...
Wii U

Super Mario 3D World

Tim has been smiling uncontrollably for days now. Is it because he's been playing the latest 3D Mario game? Or is he just really damn happy? Find out in this review.


Preview: War of the Vikings

Tim delves into his Viking heritage with a go at Fatshark's follow-up to War of the Roses, War of the Vikings.

VGX 2013 Viewers Guide

A quick and dirty of guide of stream times, confirmed content, and more.


Knack Review

Knack is one of the PlayStation 4’s exclusive titles at launch, created by Sony’s Japan Studio and game director Mark Cerny, the lead architect of both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Japan Studio have worke...

December in Gaming

December is here. And with it, games. But not too many.


VGX 2013: Top 5 Game Predictions

VGX 2013 is a week away, announcements and reveals just as inevitable as the Doritos. Jarrod made five predictions. Watch.

Mass Effect 4 – New species, exploration, customisation, and rumours

Haven't you heard? Mass Effect 4 is coming. We've dissected the latest rumours to give you a picture of what future of this franchise holds.