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Nordic games rebrands as THQ Nordic

Nordic Games, the Swedish publisher that purchased a number of THQ properties when that publisher went bankrupt in 2013, has chosen to revive the THQ brand and rename itself THQ Nordic. The rebrand reflects the fact that the company currently has a large number of games in development based on former THQ properties.

Nordic itself was founded in 2008, and first came to prominence for publishing Wii karaoke title We Sing. Since then the company has grown to encompass one studio in the US and one in Germany, as well as a number of external teams who have developed over 250 games for the company over its life.

It’s currently rumoured that one of the THQ properties the company is working is a new Darksiders title. No doubt we’ll find out more soon, as THQ Nordic has promised to reveal more about its in-development titles over the next month.

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