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Nintendo’s First Mobile App Miitomo Launching In March Worldwide

In their latest fiscal briefing (translations via Vooks) Nintendo have provided us with an update on their first entry in the mobile application market, Miitomo, which we have not seen since it’s unveil in the October fiscal briefing, and fans do not have long to wait.

For those who don’t recall, Miitomo is an app that appears to take elements of Nintendo’s Tomodachi Life series and combine them with a very strange social-media-esque experience where your Mii will interact with other peoples Mii’s and share information with them about yourself.

The app has been slated for a worldwide launch in March, with Japan being listed for a “mid-March” release while the rest of the world is simply listed as “March” and will launch with eight different languages including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch and Russian, on both iOS and Android devices.

However those of us who are perhaps more eager than others will be able to pre-register their Miitomo account on February 17th via the apps official website (which at the time of writing has not gone live).

Alongside pre-registering for Miitomo on this date you can also register your Nintendo Account, Nintendo’s unified account system which users can link with their Nintendo Network ID, social media accounts and/or email. Your Nintendo Account will also be the gateway to the My Nintendo rewards program, which  Nintendo Australia will launch alongside Miitomo and that fans who pre-register for Miitomo will receive a “special Miitomo bonus” via the program.

With plenty of mystery still surrounding this title and not all that long until it is expected to launch, expect more information to arise in the coming weeks.

Zachary Clarke

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