Wii U Reviews

Just Dance 2017 Review

For years music and games have played an essential role in local multiplayer game nights. From Singstar to Guitar Hero, the genre appeals to all sorts of players and helps liven up the mood of social gatherings. Despite the ori...

Star Fox Zero Review

Not including the remake of Star Fox 64 on the Nintendo 3DS, the last original Star Fox title to be released was Star Fox Command on the Nintendo DS in 2006. It took ten years for Nintendo to finally give fans Star Fox Zero, th...

Super Mario Maker WiiU Review

Drag and drop your plumbers and goombas to side scrolling heaven or hell.

Yoshi’s Woolly World WiiU Review

Nintendo and Good Feel have once again teamed up to yarn-ify one of their cute’ franchises with Yoshi’s Woolly World on WiiU. After what many fans have felt has only been a downward slope in terms of quality since the original ...

Splatoon – WiiU Review

We paint the town in Splatoon, Nintendo's colourful new shooter.

Bayonetta 2

Tim puts on his best high-heels, equips some swords to them and starts thrashing his way through the minions of heaven and hell in the sequel to one of the greatest action games ever made.