Nintendo Switch System Features Revealed

January 13, 2017

After such a long time knowing nothing at all about what the Nintendo Switch can really do, we’re finally beginning to find out some more details about the console. As per Nintendo of America’s official Nintendo Switch website, we now have a whole new fountain of information that has poured all over us.

Firstly, while we don’t know many of the technical specifications of the console, we do know how much internal memory it has, what type of memory cards it can take and what the screen’s size and resolution are. Firstly, the Nintendo Switch comes with an internal memory capacity of 32GB, with some of this of course being taken up by the operating system. If that sounds a bit small, you’ll be able to expand that memory using microSDXC cards.

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The Nintendo Switch will also feature a 6.2″ 720p capacitive touch-screen, making it the first Nintendo handheld console to allow for multi-touch and also the first to feature a HD screen. This screen means that the battery life can differ quite a lot depending on what’s going on, with Nintendo advising that the console will last for between 2.5 and 6.5 hours per charge. While it may not necessarily last a long time per charge, the USB-C connection does mean that it will charge relatively quickly.

As well as these specifications, the Nintendo Switch also brings a new innovation in the new HD Vibration motors within the Joy-Con controllers. What this means is that the Joy-Cons will effectively feature a form of haptic feedback. Joy-Cons will also come with additional Joy-Con Straps, which slide onto the Joy-Cons so that you can utilise them for motion controls without worrying about dropping them accidentally. They also feature an NFC reader and a dedicated screenshot button.

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Nintendo will also be introducing a brand new paid online service with the Nintendo Switch, for the first time moving away from allowing gamers to play games online for free. The service will also give gamers access to a dedicated lobby and voice chat app. In line with other console’s paid online services, Nintendo’s new paid online will also give players access to a free NES or SNES game for the month, which will include new online capabilities, as well as subscriber exclusive discounts.

The Nintendo Switch will release Worldwide on March 2, 2017.