Nintendo Switch Partners, And Likely Games, Revealed

October 21, 2016

Game developers have come to life on Twitter today, with several revealing they are official Nintendo Switch Partners. This is sparking a lot of discussion as to what games we can expect to see on Nintendo Switch, and perhaps a launch line-up of 3rd party titles. Check out the image that is currently making the rounds on Twitter:



A quick run-through of what to expect from some of the Nintendo Switch partners:

  • AUTODESK are a behind-the-scenes game developer that have worked on such titles as Rocket League and Rainbow Six: Siege
  • From Software are responsible for the Dark Souls titles, as well as Armored Core
  • Bethesda are on-board (we saw Skyrim in the launch trailer), so hopefully we’ll see DOOM, Fallout 4, and some future content from them
  • Level 5 are known for the Dragon Quest franchise, and Ni No Kuni. Perhaps we’ll see Ni No Kuni 2 as a launch title
  • Platinum Games (the P+ logo) means we should be seeing Bayonetta 3 in the not too distant future

Notice there is also no CD Projekt Red, which means no Witcher 3 or future content at this stage. That’s not to say other companies won’t jump on-board, however a cautious person would remain watchful after what happened with 3rd party support for the Wii U.