Nintendo Switch Launch Line Up Expands

February 25, 2017

One of the biggest early criticisms of the Nintendo Switch has been how small the launch line up of games was, with only 5 games announced for retail releases on launch and a further 4 announced for digital releases on launch day. We’re only a week away from launch day and a further three digital games have suddenly been confirmed to release alongside the Nintendo Switch.

First we have Snipperclips – Cut it Out Together, the brand new co-operative puzzle games and new IP from Nintendo that has garnered much praise from hands-on sessions. Nintendo revealed on Twitter that the game would now come out on launch day, previously having only been confirmed for a vague March release date.

Nintendo weren’t the only people to take to Twitter to announce that their game would come out on the Switch’s launch day, with both Yacht Club Games and Shin’en Multimedia confirming that they would be there on March 3rd. Yacht Club Games will be bringing the latest expansion for Shovel Knight, Specter of Torment, as well as the collected edition of the game, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, to the eShop on launch day, while Shin’en will be bringing Fast RMX, the improved and expanded version of FAST Racing NEO from the WiiU.

With only a week to go, it’s unlikely that we will see the launch day lineup expand any further, but with a Nintendo Nindies Direct happening on March 1 at 4AM AEDT, there’s still the possibility that Nintendo have a couple more surprises up their sleeves ahead of the Switch’s March 3 launch.