Nintendo Switch goes Virtual! Try It Out.

October 24, 2016

The Nintendo Switch goes virtual thanks to a 3D model from Virtual Studio on Sketchfab. Click the below interactive image and try it out. Zoom in as close as you want on a 3D model, and spin it round to check the virtual Nintendo Switch out from all angles.

Yes, that’s Splatoon on the screen and while we don’t have any more information about Splatoon on Nintendo Switch, it was featured in the reveal trailer so it will most likely have a 2017 release window. The 3D model gives a good idea of how the handheld controller will feel, as well as what angle it will be when you drop the kickstand.

Dozens of partners have lined up in support of Nintendo’s new console such as Bethesda, AUTODESK, Platinum Games and Level 5. Nintendo Switch is due to launch in March 2017.