Nintendo Store Update – 25/04/2012

May 25, 2012

In this week’s installment of the Nintendo Store Update, old and new combine across consoles. The Wii sees the downloadable qualities of Metal Slug 3 patching itself into reality, while the 3DS eShop can now proudly display Art of Balance TOUCH! 

Title: Art of Balance TOUCH!
System: 3DS Download Software
Price:  $12.00

Originally made available for WiiWare, Art of Balance TOUCH! takes a simple concept and runs with it – or, rather, it doesn’t, as the main aim of the game is to keep things steady. Players must stack blocks and hold them in place to prevent them from falling into water. It sounds very simple, but is definitely far from actually being so.

Title: Metal Slug 3
System: NeoGeo (Virtual Console)
Price: 900 Wii Points

Those who have played the previous games in the Metal Slug series will know the basics of the game – it’s run and gun action, with some ridiculously powerful weaponry and wielded by a cast of unique characters in an army squad. It’s up to you to decimate the opposition while taking in the story. This time around, a new system is in place for missions – you’ll get to choose different paths to take, each fraught with their own dangers and difficulty levels.