Nintendo Store Update – 01/06/2012

June 1, 2012

A delightful double dose of downloading of Virtual Console games greets this week’s Nintendo Store Update. Wii owners can now look to pew-pew once again with Mega Man X2 blasting its way onto virtual shelves. Meanwhile, the 3DS now plays host to Rayman for the Gameboy Color. If you’re after a game made within this decade, then Sweet Memories Blackjack will hopefully cover your card shark needs.

Title: Megam Man X2
System: SNES (Virtual Console)
Price: 800 Wii Points

In a slight change of pace for the Mega Man series, Mega Man X sees that man who is mega taking on the X-Hunters, with a bit of help from Dr Light in the form of weapons and other new upgrades.

Title:  Rayman
System: Gameboy (Virtual Console)
Price: $7.50

A classic bout of platforming action sees Rayman taking on Mr Dark, who has infiltrated the Glade of Dreams and absconded with all the Electoons. In Rayman for the Gameboy Color, the titular hero will travel through strange and unusual places to save Electoons and take on the Dark.  

Title: Sweet Memories Blackjack
System: Nintendo 3DS Download Software
Price: $6.00

Perhaps unsurprising given the title, Sweet Memories Blackjack involves playing the classic card game. Rather than a straight sim, this version comes with its own storyline and voice acting, done in a Japanese anime style.