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Nintendo NX rumoured to be high end portable console

Eurogamer have released an extensive reportĀ about Nintendo’s upcoming NX system, with a number of details on specifications and hardware features they claim come from reputable sources.

The report states the Nintendo NX will be a portable handheld device which features it’s own display, and is book ended by two controller sections on either side which can be attached or detached to suit the player’s needs.

The system will be able to connect to a TV, leading further credence to this system being the “console-handheld” hybrid many have been speculating since Nintendo merged their home console and portable console divisions in 2013.

Similar to rumours that have been circulating since earlier in the year, Eurogamer also report that the NX will use cartridges as it’s way of distributing physical media, which would be a logical choice given it is meant to be portable.

Unlike many modern systems however, the NX will apparently not run on an AMD chipset, instead opting for the Nvidia Tegra mobile processor suggesting the system will be more of a high-end handheld rather than a powerful home console.

Finally despite some earlier rumours the NX may run on a modified Android OS, it appears Nintendo will be opting to once again develop their own propitiatory OS for the system.

Unfortunately we can not say with certainty how accurate Eurogamer’s report is, however the site is known to have a solid reputation when it comes to vetting their sources before making such definitive claims.

For further information we recommend you you check out the full Eurogamer reportĀ here.

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